Personal Shield Pro scam

Falsely generated security alerts from the much publicized rogue security application Personal Shield Pro have gone on to confuse and mislead many PC owners since the rogue’s release in July 2011. This rogue can be described as a revamped version of the hotly controversial AntiVirus Action and Essential Cleaner. Users familiar with Essential Cleaner will recognize similarities in Personal Shield Pro’s interfaces such as the “System Scan” and “Protection” headings that are featured in both parasites. Inexperienced users may find it difficult to manually remove Personal Shield Pro due to its sly nature, and thus a manual removal is not recommended for all.

Personal Shield Pro’s surreptitious infection of the system will catch the user off guard and only alert him once the rogue’s well designed fake security alerts starts spamming the user. One fake alert will be displayed each time the user attempts to launch an application

Personal Shield Pro Firewall Alert
Personal Shield Pro Firewall has blocked a program from accessing the internet.
Internet Explorer Internet Browser is infected with worm Lsas.Blaster.Keylogger. This worm is trying to send your credit card details using Internet Explorer Internet Browser to connect to remote host.

The above fake alert will be generated so as to prevent the user from running any program on the infected PC.

In an effort to make it even more difficult for the user to erase Personal Shield Pro from the system it will hide itself on the PC by generating random files:



The subsequent falsely initiated security scan will warn the user of various bogus threats supposedly crippling the system. Some of these falsely identified threats include

Debugwize.exe (Backdoor.AimBot)
Nl.exe (Backdoor.BO.l0lsd5)

Personal Shield Pro will leave the PC inoperable, causing extremely poor system performance and increased erratic system behavior. The rogue will also add additional proxy and LAN settings which will block users’ access to the Internet. Personal Shield Pro will blame all of these symptoms on the supposed threats it detected, but in reality will be the real instigator of it.

Enter the following activation key into the rogue to disable its power on the system:


You will still need to delete Personal Shield Pro in order to restore your PC’s security. Using this activation key will only disable the annoying symptoms

If you purchase Personal Shield Pro, the annoying pop ups will cease but the system won’t be secure. Personal Shield Pro does not have the ability to detect or remove threats from the PC. Restore your PC’s security and privacy and destroy Personal Shield Pro for good with a powerful security tool.