Has the golden age of poker passed?

You already know what US Senate did on Friday. There are a lot of discussions on the net: “Gambling and the law” – small 2006 act analysis, and the reaction of Online poker industry sharks, I found on poker news.


Right now I can’t tell you the exact amount of damage, this legislation did to online poker sites that I am related to, but the stocks of 888Holding, PartyGaming and others went down dramatically.

This legislation affects US based ISP. Government will be able to order ISP to remove gambling related content and backups. So things are very simple: if you are not keen on doing “up to 5 years plus a fine”, go offshore with domains registrants. I think that’s what will happen with a large poker/gambling industry sites, because 270-days period does not affect ISP. Small spam poker related sites based on blogspot, myspace etc. will vanish. How will Google “serps” change after this act we will see soon.

P.S. Edas, thank you for the picture.

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