Get rid of System Check

Critical Error
Hard drive critical error. Run a system diagnostic utility to check your hard disk drive for errors. Windows can’t find hard disk space. Hard drive error.

If you see this pop-up message on your screen, then congratulations, you have been infected with System Check. It is a direct clone of a dangerous rogue antispyware application called System Fix, and you need to terminate System Check immediately, before it managed to cause detrimental harm to your computer.

Even though System Check is a new fake computer optimization program that does not mean it has no experience in turning users’ lives into hell. Don’t forget that it comes from the FakeHDD family of rogues, so it has a notorious background, and it had been upgraded based on the results of previous infections. Probably, the most frustrating thing about System Check is that after the installation it configures the registry in a way the newly added keys allows it to run automatically whenever you turn on your computer. Also, System Check can successfully hide your files, making it seem that all of them are gone for good.

However, do not panic. Your files are still there, if you find it hard to believe, you can check it by opening the Windows Explorer and going to the window that has your hard drives listed. There right-click any hard drive and select Properties. From the menu that appears you will see that your disk is not empty, and the amount of used space is still the same as before, which means that your files are still there – they are only hidden from your view.

In order to get your files back, you obviously need to remove System Check. Even though this rogue tries to make it look like other suspicious errors are to blame for these symptoms, it is actually the rogue itself that messes up your system, in attempt to make you purchase the full version of the program. Keep your money safe and “activate” System Check using this code:


The code will stop System Check from spamming you with fake error messages and you will be able to take care of the infection at ease. Acquire a powerful computer safeguard application that will delete System Check for you automatically, and will protect your computer against similar rogue attacks.