Security Sphere 2012 is a kind of program which should not be there in your computer no matter what. It is a rogue antispyware application which can damage your computer at the same time luring your money out of you without you even noticing it. So if you have the program with the washed-out pink interface right in front of your face, destroy Security Sphere 2012 immediately because this infection always ends in a very bad way.

You might think that you are immune to rogue infection, but it can be hiding in your favorite blog in the shape of spam comments or even right behind your Facebook profile page, because Security Sphere 2012 can easily use social engineering as a form of rogue distribution. So when you are urged to click on a link to an “exciting video” or anything like that, stop before you click on it, because it can be a straight way to the Security Sphere 2012 infection. This rogue is a direct clone of MS Removal Tool, so it sure has a lot of tricks behind its sleeve.

The rogue can also block you from accessing various internet sites, and it justifies its actions by saying that it was for your computer security’s sake as the page was “infected” by a virus. Check this message out:
Warning message from Internet browser. This page under virus attack. This may crash your system.

To put it simply, once installed Security Sphere 2012 performs a fake system scan, and it “finds” a lot of parasites in your system, such as Trojan-Downloader.VBS.Small.dc, Trojan.IRCbot.d, and so on. However, it is more than obvious that the scan results are not real and these Trojans do not reside in your computer. The names are generated by Security Sphere 2012 in order to make you purchase the license for the program, but there is another way to go around it, without actually spending your money and revealing your financial information to a third party.

If you have no idea how to achieve that on your own, resort to using a reliable computer safeguard application of your choice. The computer security program will terminate Security Sphere 2012 automatically at the same time protecting your system from any similar threats, and you will be able to enjoy working with your machine for a long period of time. Just don’t wait until it is too late to do anything about it!