Get rid of System Check

Critical Error
Hard drive critical error. Run a system diagnostic utility to check your hard disk drive for errors. Windows can’t find hard disk space. Hard drive error.

If you see this pop-up message on your screen, then congratulations, you have been infected with System Check. It is a direct clone of a dangerous rogue antispyware application called System Fix, and you need to terminate System Check immediately, before it managed to cause detrimental harm to your computer.

Even though System Check is a new fake computer optimization program that does not mean it has no experience in turning users’ lives into hell. Don’t forget that it comes from the FakeHDD family of rogues, so it has a notorious background, and it had been upgraded based on the results of previous infections. Probably, the most frustrating thing about System Check is that after the installation it configures the registry in a way the newly added keys allows it to run automatically whenever you turn on your computer. Also, System Check can successfully hide your files, making it seem that all of them are gone for good.

However, do not panic. Your files are still there, if you find it hard to believe, you can check it by opening the Windows Explorer and going to the window that has your hard drives listed. There right-click any hard drive and select Properties. From the menu that appears you will see that your disk is not empty, and the amount of used space is still the same as before, which means that your files are still there – they are only hidden from your view.

In order to get your files back, you obviously need to remove System Check. Even though this rogue tries to make it look like other suspicious errors are to blame for these symptoms, it is actually the rogue itself that messes up your system, in attempt to make you purchase the full version of the program. Keep your money safe and “activate” System Check using this code:


The code will stop System Check from spamming you with fake error messages and you will be able to take care of the infection at ease. Acquire a powerful computer safeguard application that will delete System Check for you automatically, and will protect your computer against similar rogue attacks.

Security Sphere 2012 is a kind of program which should not be there in your computer no matter what. It is a rogue antispyware application which can damage your computer at the same time luring your money out of you without you even noticing it. So if you have the program with the washed-out pink interface right in front of your face, destroy Security Sphere 2012 immediately because this infection always ends in a very bad way.

You might think that you are immune to rogue infection, but it can be hiding in your favorite blog in the shape of spam comments or even right behind your Facebook profile page, because Security Sphere 2012 can easily use social engineering as a form of rogue distribution. So when you are urged to click on a link to an “exciting video” or anything like that, stop before you click on it, because it can be a straight way to the Security Sphere 2012 infection. This rogue is a direct clone of MS Removal Tool, so it sure has a lot of tricks behind its sleeve.

The rogue can also block you from accessing various internet sites, and it justifies its actions by saying that it was for your computer security’s sake as the page was “infected” by a virus. Check this message out:
Warning message from Internet browser. This page under virus attack. This may crash your system.

To put it simply, once installed Security Sphere 2012 performs a fake system scan, and it “finds” a lot of parasites in your system, such as Trojan-Downloader.VBS.Small.dc, Trojan.IRCbot.d, and so on. However, it is more than obvious that the scan results are not real and these Trojans do not reside in your computer. The names are generated by Security Sphere 2012 in order to make you purchase the license for the program, but there is another way to go around it, without actually spending your money and revealing your financial information to a third party.

If you have no idea how to achieve that on your own, resort to using a reliable computer safeguard application of your choice. The computer security program will terminate Security Sphere 2012 automatically at the same time protecting your system from any similar threats, and you will be able to enjoy working with your machine for a long period of time. Just don’t wait until it is too late to do anything about it!

When presented with threats like Advanced PC Shield 2012 many users may only find out too late that they are dealing with a dangerous and seditious threat. Advanced PC Shield 2012 emulates the workings of a real security tool with aplomb, but PC owners are warned of its sinister intentions. Advanced PC Shield 2012 was designed by criminals to rip consumers off, and not to protect their PCs. This is why all of its victims will eventually find they need to remove Advanced PC Shield 2012, but many will struggle to.

Advanced PC Shield 2012 will first start its attack on the system after it infiltrates and roots itself successfully. This will happen by Advanced PC Shield 2012 initiating a fake security scan informing the user his system is under attack. It will spew fake security alerts like the following:

Severe system damage!
Spyware and viruses detected in the background. Sensitive system components under attack! Data loss, identity theft and system corruption are possible.
Act now, click here for a free security scan.

Tracking software found!
Your PC activity is being monitor. Possible spyware infection. Your data security may be compromised. Sensitive data can be stolen.
Prevent damage now by completing a security scan.

Virus infection!
System security was fount to be compromised. Your computer is now infected. Attention, irreversible may occur. Private data may be stolen.
Click here now for an instant anti-virus scan.

Advanced PC Shield 2012 will attempt to establish the following network connection:

The rogue is also responsible for symptoms that will ultimately render the PC completely inoperable. These range from blocking the user’s Internet access, causing extremely poor system performance, increased erratic system behavior and blocking the user’s access to installed applications on the system.

There is a way to circumvent these annoying blackmail tactics employed by Advanced PC Shield 2012, simply enter the following security key into the rogue and the symptoms will cease:


Users are advised that no matter how bad things get, they should never pay for Advanced PC Shield 2012 products. Instead make use of powerful security tools with the ability to completely and permanently destroy Advanced PC Shield 2012 from the system

Personal Shield Pro scam

Falsely generated security alerts from the much publicized rogue security application Personal Shield Pro have gone on to confuse and mislead many PC owners since the rogue’s release in July 2011. This rogue can be described as a revamped version of the hotly controversial AntiVirus Action and Essential Cleaner. Users familiar with Essential Cleaner will recognize similarities in Personal Shield Pro’s interfaces such as the “System Scan” and “Protection” headings that are featured in both parasites. Inexperienced users may find it difficult to manually remove Personal Shield Pro due to its sly nature, and thus a manual removal is not recommended for all.

Personal Shield Pro’s surreptitious infection of the system will catch the user off guard and only alert him once the rogue’s well designed fake security alerts starts spamming the user. One fake alert will be displayed each time the user attempts to launch an application

Personal Shield Pro Firewall Alert
Personal Shield Pro Firewall has blocked a program from accessing the internet.
Internet Explorer Internet Browser is infected with worm Lsas.Blaster.Keylogger. This worm is trying to send your credit card details using Internet Explorer Internet Browser to connect to remote host.

The above fake alert will be generated so as to prevent the user from running any program on the infected PC.

In an effort to make it even more difficult for the user to erase Personal Shield Pro from the system it will hide itself on the PC by generating random files:



The subsequent falsely initiated security scan will warn the user of various bogus threats supposedly crippling the system. Some of these falsely identified threats include

Debugwize.exe (Backdoor.AimBot)
Nl.exe (Backdoor.BO.l0lsd5)

Personal Shield Pro will leave the PC inoperable, causing extremely poor system performance and increased erratic system behavior. The rogue will also add additional proxy and LAN settings which will block users’ access to the Internet. Personal Shield Pro will blame all of these symptoms on the supposed threats it detected, but in reality will be the real instigator of it.

Enter the following activation key into the rogue to disable its power on the system:


You will still need to delete Personal Shield Pro in order to restore your PC’s security. Using this activation key will only disable the annoying symptoms

If you purchase Personal Shield Pro, the annoying pop ups will cease but the system won’t be secure. Personal Shield Pro does not have the ability to detect or remove threats from the PC. Restore your PC’s security and privacy and destroy Personal Shield Pro for good with a powerful security tool.

Has the golden age of poker passed?

You already know what US Senate did on Friday. There are a lot of discussions on the net: “Gambling and the law” – small 2006 act analysis, and the reaction of Online poker industry sharks, I found on poker news.


Right now I can’t tell you the exact amount of damage, this legislation did to online poker sites that I am related to, but the stocks of 888Holding, PartyGaming and others went down dramatically.

This legislation affects US based ISP. Government will be able to order ISP to remove gambling related content and backups. So things are very simple: if you are not keen on doing “up to 5 years plus a fine”, go offshore with domains registrants. I think that’s what will happen with a large poker/gambling industry sites, because 270-days period does not affect ISP. Small spam poker related sites based on blogspot, myspace etc. will vanish. How will Google “serps” change after this act we will see soon.

P.S. Edas, thank you for the picture.